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Floor-mounted 6-axes robots

MODIG Automation offers solutions based on top-tier 6-axis robot brands. This can be implemented in several configurations. Floor-mounted 6-axis robots for single and multiple machines handling and 6-axis robot with linear track motion axes (7th axis).

As a result, this adds efficiency and flexibility to MODIG´s already extensive machine portfolio. Every automation solution offered is thoroughly examined and validated using simulation tools to ensure that it operates and performs as intended by providing process descriptions and cycle time evaluations.

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Floor-mounted 6-axis robots for single and multiple machine handling and 6-axis robots with floor-mounted linear track motion (7th axis).

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Track Motion Axis

Introducing MODIG Automation’s innovative 7th-axis solution, which extends the reach for 6-axis robots. This sturdy and precise system allows for dual robot operations or adding a second machine in the same automation setup, maximizing efficiency and flexibility. With a range of modular concepts, this solution offers a maximum length of 131 ft (40 meters), making it a versatile choice for various industrial needs.

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