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Automation Solutions - All From One Source

Automation solutions to enhance your manufacturing efficiency.

MODIG provides machine tool automation that will boost your machining center and contribute to greater flexibility, higher quality, and increased productivity in your production. Robotic machine loading. Overhead loading system. Bar feeder. Pallet system. Robotic tool loading. Complete automation concepts. All From One Source! By optimizing your MODIG machining center with our automation options, you will achieve both efficiency and profitability as machine automation customized for you will significantly reduce machine cycle times per part produced.

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Added Values with Automation

MODIG Automation Systems offers automation solutions for machining centers. We can provide individual stand-alone automation and complete production cells for workpiece handling from a single source.

Automation solutions that provide you with added values:

Higher output With robot handling, you can run your process with efficient and fast movements. This results in higher output with less standstill for loading and unloading machines.

Cost reduction Less labor per machine allows the operation to run in more shifts with fewer operators.

High quality More stable cycle times and better repetition accuracy of the handling gives higher quality and ensures less damage of manufactured part.

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MODIG Ecotech

A next-generation system that saves energy by reducing power consumption during operating and time for the automation process. Quickly see how much energy is saved thanks to the user-friendly monitoring display. Axis movements and peripheral device power usage are also shown. Power source regeneration is another excellent means of reducing the power consumption of an electric motor system. During the deceleration of an electric motor, it will act as a generator and put energy back into the system. The system will only run the peripheral equipment when needed and for the duration required. Equipment such as conveyors is automatically stopped after feeding or other transport is finished.

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