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Track Motion Axes

MODIG Automation has developed an optimal solution to extend the reach for 6-axis robots. This solution is named as 7th axis and can easily be adapted to the robot and the controller. It expands the possibility to use two robots for more operations or even add a second machine in the same automation, by using the track motion from MODIG.

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7th Axis

Meet our track motion axis, the 7th Axis. The design is based on a sturdy welded and milled metal frame with a high-precision linear guide and eight carrier blocks for the best stability of motion. The transmission is based on a helix-angle rack-and-pinion with a planetary gearbox for high efficiency and less energy use.

The linear guides and transmission is protected by covers from side and top. The range of the modular concepts are based with a 13.1 ft (4 meters) long start module and can be extended with 6.5 ft (2 meter) or 13.1 ft (4 meters) extension modules. The maximum length is 131 ft (40 meters).

The MODIG Track motion axes are made for robots up to 1,764 lbs. (800 kg) (normally 22-154 lbs/10-70 kg handling weight)

Our six-axis robots


  • Second carriage wagon: Possibility to add a second wagon for two robots on
    same track motion axis
  • Automatic central lubrication: maintenance free lubrication for linear guide carrier
    and transmission
  • Pedestal: to higher the reach for the robot working area
  • Holder for options: Customizing for different kind of option mounted on carriage wagons
  • Design: Special request of color matched to the design on the application
  • Guaranteed 40-70% cycle time reduction
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