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Robot Infeeder and Outfeeder

For the MODIG HHV-series machine range, we offer flexible solutions for both the infeed of raw material and the outfeed of machined parts. The system can be used as a complete solution for both infeed and outfeed or as separate units depending on your need and setup of the application. The new concept with robot-based handling equipment ensures a much more precise and secure way of handling the extrusions, even with thinner types of profiles.

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Infeeder and Outfeeder Solution

Our automatic robot infeeder combined with a robotic outfeeder enhances productivity, throughput, and quality. It is ideal for handling extrusions, bars, and plates and is available for MODIG´s HHV machining centers: HHV2, HHV3, and HHVDUO. Our infeeder and outfeeder can be used as a complete solution or separately to boost efficiency.

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Same Platform of Control System as the Machines

For the operator, this automation is connected to the same control system platform as the machine. This means that all positions of each extrusion type or machined part will be stored together with the specific machine program. An electrically positioned support roller makes the insert motion more stable for fast loading. The position of the support in the vertical direction is then also stored with the program in the machine.

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One operator running up to five machine

Our automatic solution for both infeed of raw material and outfeed of machined parts solution, allows a single operator to manage four to five MODIG machines simultaneously. The HHV machining center, equipped with an infeeder, automatically loads extrusions, bars, or plates, enabling continuous production until the bar feeder is empty. Finished parts are seamlessly managed by the outfeeder. The operator’s responsibilities are to ensure all machines are running smoothly, load material into the feeder as needed, and empty the bar feeder.