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Automation equipment and turnkey solutions

Modig’s machine tools are fast and efficient, but any operation that wants to maximize productivity needs to take a comprehensive approach to the entire manufacturing cycle. Productivity gains from the quickest, most precise machine tools can be undermined if machines sit idle during manual loading. For that reason, MODIG gives equal attention to processes before and after machining – our automation equipment is the result.

We work closely with customers to customize their automation equipment to extract maximum productivity from their machining centers – and getting started is less complicated and less expensive than you might think.

Automatic barfeeder system

MODIG’s automatic barfeeder systems improve productivity when working with extrusions, bars, or plates on the horizontal machining centers in our HHV range. By continuously feeding material, they reduce the need for manual involvement: a single operator can simultaneously run four to five MODIG machines, as they only need to check that the machines are running correctly and load the feeder when required.

Automatic pallet system

Our pallet systems include pallet movers and pallet lifters. They let you set up pallets during machining processes, so the speed of changeover and machine uptime can both be dramatically increased. Ultimately, MODIG pallet systems make your operation easier, quicker, and less labor-intensive. Our pallet system is available for our RigiMill vertical machining centers, the H12 and U19 horizontal machining centers, and all our IM machine series. The number of pallets is customized to your production needs and floor space.

Robotic loading and unloading

Adding robots to machining centers will likely increase your operation’s production speed and capacity significantly. It’s about streamlining production, loading, and unloading quickly, eliminating human errors, and operating safely.

MODIG provides robotic loading and unloading solutions for our horizontal machining centers that check and mark finished products.

For our inverted machining centers, we offer overhead loading systems. This is especially useful in situations where machines sit side-by-side because they reduce floor space requirements considerably, and make loading and transfers between machines and phases fast and efficient.

Robotic tool loading

All MODIG’s machining centers can be equipped with robotic tool loading for enhanced tool management. Our automatic tool loading robot is equipped with a Balluff chip system that identifies cutting tools and monitors them for breakages and wear. Tool switching is performed robotically, which is quicker and more accurate than changing tools manually. Overall, it provides improved productivity for operations of all sizes.

Learn more about MODIG’s turnkey solutions for machine tool automation.


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