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Complete Automation Concept for HHV

Let us introduce our complete production cell for workpiece handling – from a single source

This cell is including:

      • Infeed conveyor line for aluminum extrusions
      • HHV3 machining centers
      • GRX80-S, top entry gantry robots for material infeed and part outfeed handling

Flexible machining and automation solution from a single source

The solution provides flexibility for a wide variety of parts and high quality with more stable cycle times and better repetition accuracy of the handling. The production cell provides safe and easy access to the machines during the milling process. The operator can overview all activities within the production cell from the user-friendly HMI panel.
The customer will have the great benefit of attending the acceptance test of both the machining solution
and the automation system at the same time under one roof from a single source.

Both the machining center and automation system are based on the same high-quality components and platform of the control system. The robots run your process with efficient and fast movements up to 8.2 feet per second (2.5 m/sec). The robot has customized End Of Arm Tooling.

The machining center

The HHV3 is a horizontal machining center available with four or five-axis machining and with one or two spindles for high-volume production. It handles uncut bars and extrusions of unlimited length and produces many parts from the same block of material.  Parts are completed in one setup with no work holding.

Benefits of a top entry gantry robot

The use of the top entry gantry robots reduces the need for expensive floor space and provides the benefit of a cost reduction with less labor needed.

The production cell delivers a short return on investment compared to a manual-operated solution.

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